Dental Implants

iStock_000013311335XSmallDental implants are used to replace single or multiple missing teeth. It is a wonderful approach to restoring your dentition without harming any other teeth in the mouth. Other options usually involve cutting or preparing other teeth to accept a restoration or denture in order to replace the missing tooth or teeth. Implants are a more conservative option than bridges because there is no loss of tooth structure from teeth that would otherwise not need to be prepared. Dental implants are placed by a specialist. They are similar to a screw that gets placed within the bone. There is a waiting period for the implant to osseointegrate or stabilize within the bone. While you are waiting for this stabilization there is a temporary tooth that will hold the space. Once the implant is ready to restore, you will come to the office for the fabrication of a crown on top of the implant. Often,we will recommend a nightguard or bruxism appliance to protect your new tooth or teeth.


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